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pHresh greens (302-606913653712)

pHresh greens

pHresh greens® (powder) - 10oz (2 month supply) A TRUE ORGANIC alkalizing superfood made with the most alkalizing green vegetables, grasses and sea algae. pHresh greens® provides a natural source of nutrition including vitamins, trace minerals, chlorophyll, fiber and anti-oxidants. pHresh greens does not contain gluten, soy or animal products, it has no fillers, chemicals or additives and is non ETO and non GMO. Our gentle, low heat process ensures that all of the nutrients in pHresh greens® alkalizing superfood stays intact. Just one teaspoon of pHresh greens® alkalizing superfood holds the nutrient equivalent of 3-4 servings of raw vegetables aimed at neutralizing damaging acids found in your body to maintain proper balance.

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